Interesting Things you Didnt Know About Aisha Yesufus Husband and Marriage

Aisha Yesufu, whose full name is Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu, is a Nigerian human rights activist and a businesswoman. She is a woman of substance who speaks out and defends the rights of the people when the situation calls for it. The activist is also a co-convener of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, and she was also there at the End Sars campaign in 2020. She is not afraid to speak against the government and fight the authorities when the rights of citizens are being trampled upon. Aisha Yesufu has a thriving career, as well as a successful husband and her marriage is doing well too.

The Edo-born activist has a different view about marriage and relationships. She is married to Aliu Yesufu, an Edo Muslim, and their union is blessed with two kids. Her marriage is as successful as her career as an activist and businesswoman. This piece will reveal some interesting things you may not know about Aisha Yesufu’s husband and marriage.

Aisha Yesufu Asked Her Husband Out

In Nigeria, there are over 250 cultures and languages, and across these cultures, people have many things in common, one of which is that a woman does not approach a man for a relationship. Any woman who does so is seen as cheap and does not have any respect in society.

Against these norms and traditions in Nigerian cultures, Aisha Yesufu went ahead and asked her husband out before they started a relationship. The activist believes in going for what she wants; coupled with that, she is a control freak. All she did was present herself as a wife and make her husband see her as a wife. She advises against women staying for 30 years in their father’s house, waiting for a man to come and ask them out.

This has not belittled her in any way. She has the respect she deserves from her husband and children, and she is not ashamed to say it out. However, some people call her ‘ashawo’ (prostitute) because she revealed her wedding night encounter to the public. Aisha revealed that on her wedding night with her husband, she satisfied him by giving him whatever style he wanted from her. Her reply to those who called her ashawo is that she is an ashawo with only one customer, her husband.

The Activist Married Aliu Yesufu In April 1998

As earlier stated, it is a known fact that Aisha was the one who made a move to start the journey of her marriage to Aliu. She saw him, fell in love with him, and asked him out. The control freak got married to her husband, Aliu Osigwe Yesufu, on 17th April 1998 when she was 24 years old. She got married to her husband while she was still an undergraduate student at Bayero University.

They met at her uncle’s bachelor’s party on 26th December 1996. They started dating in August 1997 and tied the knot eight months later. At that time, Aisha was 23, while her husband was 35 years old. The businesswoman is comfortable with the 12 years age difference because she says she is more mature than her age mates.

Their love can be categorized as love at first sight, a passion that has continued to blossom in their marriage. They are happy people, and they don’t fail to show their love for each other publicly. Their marriage is filled with happiness. During their 20th wedding anniversary, she revealed on Twitter how close they are and how happy she is to have him.

Aliu Works As A Chartered Accountant

The human rights activist’s husband is a successful Chartered Accountant. He has worked in the sector for over 30 years. He is an honorable man with a genuine source of income. Most people in his situation will relax and expect their famous and successful wives to support their families with their earnings. Aliu’s case is different because he is a hardworking man.

He works and encourages his wife to work also so that she will not have to suffer if anything happens to him. Being a feminist, he encourages women to be gainfully employed to not depend on a man for survival. More information about his work and other businesses is not open to the public; Aisha keeps his businesses away from the public. Generally, he is successful in his own right and is not tied to his successful wife.

Aisha Yesufu’s Husband Is A Stranger To The Spotlight

Fame and popularity cause many problems in relationships, especially when the wife is the famous one. For Aisha Yesufu and her husband, it is a different case. While his wife is popular, he doesn’t have any interest in the media attention and doesn’t try to stop her from doing what she is passionate about. Aliu is understanding and a support system to his wife. Even though he is older, he is humble and loving. He has been a great source of encouragement to her. While he does not participate publicly in her activism, Aisha’s husband has not stopped her from engineering and joining human rights campaigns.

Aisha revealed to Punch that in their marriage, they let each other be who they are without influencing their decisions. They respect each other’s boundaries. However, Aliu loves his wife a lot and always wants to see her happy. When he proposed to Aisha, she told him that she is lazy and does not like house chores. His reaction to this shows how deep his love for her is. Instead of causing quarrels, Aliu hires and pays a house help from the first year of their marriage to date.

Aisha Yesufu and Her Husband Have Two Children

Aisha’s mother was scared that her marriage might not last because of her stubbornness. But the activist has proven her wrong. She said that God blessed her with a man who understands her; therefore, she is completely happy in her marriage. Her husband loves her deeply, and the age difference makes him overlook certain things. With this kind of love and understanding, the marriage is sure to last longer. So far, they have always lived like a newly married couple, loving and caring for each other like never before.

The 23-year-old marriage is blessed with two beautiful children, a boy, and a girl – Amir and Aliyyah Yesufu. These children also participate in their mother’s human rights activism publicly. With the last child in the university, Aisha reveals that she and her husband will become two lovebirds again. We can attest to this with the pictures she posts on social media.